Katie did the copyediting for my most recent book and WOW. I cannot say enough good things about her service. She’s so thorough, I really genuinely feel like I had a much better product at the end. It wasn’t just adding a comma or fixing a spelling mistake here and there, Katie’s edits were well thought out and explained. I also like how she comments on things she’s not certain about, so you’re not left wondering why she made a certain change.

All in all, I 100% am using Katie for all of my books in the future. Highly, highly recommend.

— Samantha Silver, author of the Western Woods Mystery series, Willow Bay Witches series, and Cassie Coburn Mysteries series


I engaged Justin to do the copy editing of my hard science fiction novel, Intersection Man. Before emailing my manuscript to him, I had run it through Grammarly and ProWritingAid in addition to one round of self-editing. Hence, I had reckoned that he might not find that many issues with my work. Boy, was I wrong! Justin did an excellent job editing the entire document line-by-line. Not only was he meticulous, but he also went far beyond his role as a copy editor and gave me insightful feedback on the plot of the book. He was also lightning fast and very responsive. I will certainly use his services again and would whole-heartedly recommend him to other writers.  

— Hari Kumar Nair, author of Intersection Man

 I’m so happy I found Katie! She has a great eye for detail and found mistakes that I would never have caught. I also learnt a lot about grammar from her edits, which has helped make my writing stronger. I feel so much more confident putting my book out in the world now that I’ve had a fantastic copyedit! I definitely recommend working with Katie on your next writing project!

— Kayla Kurin, author of Where Can I Find Wifi?


 I hired Justin as a copy editor for the Strange Economics anthology. Justin worked with our editorial team to create a style guide, to clarify of our copy-editing needs, and to come up with a reasonable timeline for editing. He has a good eye, and helped give the anthology a polished, professional sheen; Justin’s edits went above our expectations and were finished within the timeline we’d set. I would recommend Justin’s service to other writers (and have).

— David, Lead Editor at tdotSpec

 Katie is a very talented writer and copyeditor. I was fortunate to work with her for almost two years at OWL. She researched, wrote, fact-checked, and proofread articles for OWL magazine, OWLconnected eMag, and the OWLconnected website. She is amazing with grammar, and is able to tailor language and tone easily to whatever audience she is writing or editing for. OWL readers are 9 to 13 years-old—a tough group to get—but Katie did. Also, she never ever missed a deadline! I would definitely recommend Katie. 100%!

— Kendra Brown, editor of OWL Magazine


 I had a great experience working with Justin on my book. He provided me with an informed, outsider’s perspective that we authors so often need. I really value his advice and analysis, and highly recommend him to anyone. He’s dedicated, thorough, and I’ll be reaching out to him again.

— Rahul Bhagat, author of Rogue Autonomous

 Katie recently edited one of my manuscripts, and I strongly recommend her services. I've worked with several great editors, and Katie is among the best. 

Katie has a strong eye for details and consistency and saved me from making several embarrassing mistakes left over from my personal edit. There was one instance where I used the wrong character's name and another where I referenced a one-eyed character using his eyes (plural). She was very good about consistency throughout the manuscript and also typed up a series style guide for me! 

Katie did a great job! If you're looking for a copyeditor, I strongly recommend her, and I hope to use her services again. 

— Kyle Rominees, author of the Warden of Fál series


 I’ve been working with Justin for over 3 years now on my dark fantasy series, KRZ. If it wasn’t for his guidance and wisdom, I don’t think my series would be as strong and developed as it is today. He’s really great when it comes catching consistency issues (regarding plotlines, setting, and character personality traits), and he is definitely one of the most patient people I have ever met in my life. As an editor, patience is one of the important things a person must have, for editors such as Justin will be re-reading things countless times. As I said before, we’ve been working together for the last three years and he is still my primary editor I turn to. I definitely would recommend Justin to any of my fellow writing friends.

— Kevin Valentine, author of KRZ

 Katie gave me some amazing feedback and had my book edited within a timely manner. She caught quite a few mistakes I had missed, especially when considering audience (American spelling vs Canadian), and noted a few places in the book that were confusing or didn’t make sense (ex: character was sitting, but then suddenly standing in the next paragraph without transition, etc.)

Needless to say, I used her again for book 2, and hope to continue using her services. Katie’s rates are fair, you will receive a quality edit, and she will respect your time. So, thank you, Katie!

— Blair Wild, author of the Divinity’s Daughter series


Katie did a great job editing my first two novels. She was great, with a fantastic eye for detail and consistency.

Best of all she respected all my deadlines.

I would highly recommend working with her on your next project  :)

— Rhett Gervais, author of the Children of the Spear series